The Kids: 2014 Photos

Old - The 2014 collection of Bressler Kids photos (being only a year behind is actually an improvement for me since Fianna was born). I think all our family travel was in state, as we spent most of Julia's first year close to home base. We made the Annual Easter trip to Yosemite, spent some time in Monterey, and made the usual SoCal trip for Christmas. Fianna and I also went to Camp Sacramento, where we met our good friends the Wilsons.

Fianna had her fifth birthday and Julia her first (both big ones). Fianna made it to the Highland games for her sixth time in a row and Julia for her first (I missed it, for the first time in over a decade due to RickMode's Bachelor Party in New Orleans). Fianna started Kindergarten and Julia started day care. 

2014: The Kids Photos