Is it so wrong?

I don't watch an exceptional amount of TV, but it seems like every other time I do, I hear a joke or comment deriding the wearing of socks with sandals. If popular media is an indicator, this is clearly the largest fashion blunder since Jesus Christ tried wearing a blood red sash with brown sandals. THE BELT MUST ALWAYS MATCH THE SHOES!!!

Socks and sandals are an easy score as a target for sitcom mirth. In fact, according to my unscientific statistics the top five ways for sitcoms to get the canned laughs are:
1. Implying how stupid George Bush is
2. Bashing Republicans (usually because they're all allegedly Christian or destroying all our 'freedoms')
3. Bashing Christians (usually because they're all allegedly 'anti-gay')
4. Bashing Tom Cruise (many reasons)
5. Bashing people who wear socks with sandals

I have a confession to make. I usually wear socks with sandals. Not white socks!! ... perish the thought... but socks none-the-less. My thing is gray socks... I have something like 10 pairs of the same gray athletic socks from Eddie Bauer.

Generally, I can't stand the feel of most sandals against the bottom of my feet. Maybe it's because I have really dry skin on the bottom of my feet (unproven) but I usually cringe or bite my bottom lip when I rub the bottom of my toes against that sort of texture. I put a sock on and I get a warm comfy feeling.

My toes are monkey long too. My second toe is probably over two inches long. If I trained hard enough, I could probably type with them (if only that damn little toe wasn't so useless). I'm not embarrased about that, I actually think it's pretty cool, but maybe that's why they're uncomfortable in sandals (too much freedom). It would probably freak people out too, if they actually looked. They are fine specimens though.

I'd rather go barefoot than wear sandals without socks.... but sometimes barefoot is not appropriate.

Maybe it's a genetic thing. Oddly enough, my dad wears socks with sandals too, and this is a guy who would have no problem whatsoever going through life naked. His thing is bright red socks though.. the only color socks he wears. One reason, Nebraska, but perhaps another reason is that he knows people are gonna make fun of him wearing socks with sandals anyway, so he might as well flaunt it.