Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to the folks who drop by Bressler.org! I hope it's a good one for you, I mean... that hope & change thing is still on the way right?

Thanks Robb & Melinda for the... wonderfull Painter of Light puzzle sent as an XMas gift. *grimace* Fianna is enjoying the opportunity to 'soften' all the edges before I reassemble it into a giant spitwad. That is what it's supposed to be right?

Bressler Stuff: Sister Heather & her husband Nick are pleased to welcome Austin Bressler to the family. Austin was born on November 14 (see picture). Austin is my first nephew on Dad's side of the family. The elder Bresslers now have their first two grandkids, both born in the same year (Fianna & Austin).

Brother Cody has accepted another position in Japan. He'll be leaving sometime in March. No kids on the horizon, but his Japanese girlfriend Reiko travelled to the states for Thanksgiving week. We took her to the gun range for Thanksgiving. God Bless America!!!   :p

Grandpa Bressler's gravestone, in Coleridge (Nebraska) is online!