Fianna's Second Christmas

101225 1372rFianna had another busy Christmas, except this time she was old enough to enjoy it a little more. She travelled to Southern California for the holiday, and went to three different family events on Christmas Day (Hatch Grandparents' house, Grandma Day's house, and the Runner house), and another event the next day. Two days after Christmas we were back in Sacramento for dinner at the Bressler Grandparents.

She's still a little unsure what to make of all the hubbub and sometimes had to be coaxed into unwrapping her presents, but she had fun. I'm sure this will be the last year that Christmas will still be somewhat of a mystery. Her favorite presents were probably three new 'phone-like' toys, a tea set, and a big playhouse.

Here's some (not very high quality) video of Fianna exploring the playhouse. Here's some new photos (2010).