Fianna - May 2009 Update

Hi Family and Friends,

May certainly was a fun-filled month! At my last well baby appointment on 4/28, I weighed 10 pounds, 10 ounces and was in the 50th percentile for my height and weight. My next appointment is on 7/2, when I will be measured and weighed again.

May Highlights

Mother's Day: With a little help from Grandma Diane, I sent mommy flowers for mother's day. They were so beautiful and really brightened mommy's day. Daddy and I bought her a book on how to help a baby sleep through the night. We're working on the techniques and making progress little-by-little. In celebration of the day, Grandma Laurie and Uncle Cody came over for brunch. The weather was beautiful and it was nice to spend the day with them.

Trip to Southern California: My first airplane ride!!! I was such a good girl and didn't cry the entire flight. Mommy was worried that I would disturb the other passengers but I behaved the entire time. I had such a lovely time meeting everyone, getting loads of hugs and kisses from my family, and taking lots of pictures.

Memorial Weekend BBQ: What a fun night! We went to Grandma and Grandpa Bressler's for a BBQ in honor of Aunt Heather and Uncle Nick's visit to Sacramento. I am so excited because Aunt Heather is making a cousin for me. I will be about nine months old when he/she is born. I am looking forward to teaching my new cousin the ropes of life outside the womb. It certainly is a big adjustment.

Things I learned and experienced in May

  • I now smile in response to mommy/daddy's smile... that is, when I am in a good mood
  • I like to sit (propped up) on the couch so I can see the world around me
  • I discovered that my right hand is very delicious; I haven't tasted the left just yet
  • I now understand cause and effect; when I hit an object, it moves!
  • My head is still pretty wobbly but I am learning to hold it upright without help from adults

See you next time. I love you!


  • What a treat! Grandma Diane, mommy, and I spent two days with my Great Aunt Bette and Great Uncle Skip! Aunt Bette made a delicious chicken lunch and a wonderful fruit salad.
  • I had lots of fun at Great Grandma Brown's house.
  • Mother's Day Flowers for Mommy
  • Cousin Lauren soothed me when I was fussy. Check out her cell phone at the bottom right of the photo; she loves to text her friends.
  • Uncle Greg, the baby whisperer. I didn't cry for hours after he spent time with me. Cousins Donovan and Braeden were sick so I didn't get a chance to meet them or Aunt Lea. :(
  • Uncle Eric stood up while he held me; I love to be held that way!
  • I loved spending time with Uncle Tim and Aunt Annette at breakfast.
  • Uncle Tim is so silly!
  • I love to sit upright on the couch and watch the world from a new vantage point.
  • Aunt Heather spent lots of time with me at the Memorial Weekend BBQ. I am excited to meet my new cousin, expected at the end of November.
  • Memorial weekend BBQ at the Bressler's. I can't wait to eat Grandma Laurie's famous cooking when I get a little older!
  • Playtime with Daddy and Miss Phoebe. I look so pretty in pink; Grandpa Russ bought this dress in Mexico.