Fianna - June 2009 Update

Life is getting better and better! I am now more alert and aware of my surroundings and enjoy spending time with my loved ones. I especially like when people read to me, sing to me, and make funny faces. Most of all, I love getting hugs and kisses from my family and friends.

June was a very busy month. Below are the highlights:

Amador Wine Country: While I am far too young to drink wine, I enjoyed spending the day with Grandma Laurie and Grandma Diane. We had lunch at one of the wineries, visited the Bressler's property, and went to a couple of other hotspots in the area. It was a nice day and a lovely car ride.

My Second Trip to Southern California: I started racking up the frequent flyer miles with another trip to Southern California. While there were many highlights from the trip, I especially wanted to attend the 45th wedding anniversary celebration for Grandma & Grandpa Hatch. Being the newest member of the family, I thought it was extremely important to give my congratulations in person. We went out to a nice dinner at the Northwoods Inn and had a wonderful time . Aunt Annette made a beautiful cake that I am told was delicious. I also met cousins Donovan and Braeden for the first time and boy, they were a hoot! During my visit to their home, Braeden graciously offered me graham crackers and milk, which I respectfully turned down due to my limited diet. Donovan made me a beautiful balloon that I will always cherish. I love them very much and am looking forward to seeing them again.

Father's Day: I gave Daddy lots of kisses on Father's Day. Mommy and I bought him a networking device that no one but him understands, a book about Ronald Reagan, and a mouse pad with my picture. We also went over to the Bressler's for dinner and had a fabulous time.

Things I learned and experienced in June

  • I can hold my hands together and have much better control of my limbs
  • I learned that my left hand is just as delicious as my right
  • I laughed for the first time
  • I am sleeping through the night... 7-10 hours at a time; this is mommy's favorite accomplishment
  • I can concentrate on activities for longer periods of time (e.g. paying attention while someone reads to me, playing with educational toys, etc.)
  • My favorite songs: Waltzing Matilda, Hush Little Baby, The Wheels on the Bus
  • My favorite books: Goodnight Moon, I Love You, Goodnight, Are you My Mother?

Fianna's Growth Chart

  Height Percentile Weight Percentile
Birth 18.5 in. N/A 6 lbs, 5 oz N/A
2 months 22.25 in 50th 10 lbs, 10 oz 50th
4 months 24.5 in. 50th 13 lbs, 12 oz 50th