Fianna - July 2009 Update

Time keeps going faster and faster; it seems like yesterday when I last wrote to you. July was a hot one in Sacramento. I had a lot of fun working on my muscular strength with baby exercises but also took time to enjoy my backyard and even went for a few dips in the pool.

July Highlights

4th of July: We went to the Wilson/Johnson's for fireworks. It was fun to hang out with the Wilson clan but the fireworks were too loud for my delicate ears so mom and I headed inside. Maybe next year?

Swimming: My first swim and I loved it! I had so much fun when mom twirled me in circles and I instinctively kicked my legs as we cruised through the water. We first swam at the Bressler's house and mom's friend Doria hosts a pool play date each Wednesday. Mom bought me special swim diapers and Doria bought me my first swimming suit. Thank you Doria!

Food: My first food was rice cereal and it was delicious! After spending a lot of time watching everyone else partake, mom finally fed me some solid food. Our first time out went fine and I've been improving ever since. I still have a lizard tongue but I just can't help myself, it's so fun to push the food back out. Mom keeps a bowl of water and a washcloth nearby so I don't stay messy for too long. Next month, I will try my first greens. Yummy. Thanks to Donovan and Braeden for giving me their bibs!

Things I learned and experienced in July

  • I love to say kkkkkkk, using the back of my throat
  • My neck is much stronger than it used to be; I am holding it up so well
  • No teeth visible yet but I've started to teethe
  • I am discovering my feet; I love to pull my feet up to my tummy and look at them
  • The Johnny Jump Up toy allows me to bounce up and down; the dogs are always interested when I am doing this but mom keeps a close watch
  • My favorite songs: Waltzing Matilda (still #1), Mary Had a Little Lamb, Chim Chim Cheree
  • My favorite toys: brightly colored rings that I can easily hold in my hands, Little Einstein's musical duck, black & white stuffed dog