Fianna - August 2009 Update

Hello All! It's hard to believe I am already six months old. I truly had a great month as I made progress on my solid foods, continued to sleep well, and am all the more playful and interactive.

August Highlights

Aunt Heather's Wedding: The Bressler side of the family converged in San Diego for the bayside wedding of Aunt Heather. I got all gussied up in the fanciest dress I've ever worn and hit the town. The wedding took place on San Diego Bay on a gorgeous Southern California evening and then we had a delicious dinner on the waterfront. It was a lovely affair with a beautiful bride and handsome groom.

My First Cold: We were at Grandma & Grandpa Hatch's house in Southern California when my first cold hit. Oh how sad I was when I woke up one night to horrible congestion and a general feeling of "ickiness"! I did not like this at all but I did love getting lots of comfort from Grandma. We ended up staying longer than anticipated so I could recover prior to my flight back to Sacramento.

Food: What sort of deliciousness is waiting for me each day, I wonder. This month, I moved on from rice cereal to veggies. We started off with peas, which were curious at first but ended up being something I like. Then we moved to orange "yumminess" with carrots and sweet potatoes. So far, I like everything that has been served to me. My eating manners are improving; I am no longer pushing a majority of the food out of my mouth. Next month I will start trying fruit!

Things I learned and experienced in August

  • I discovered the art of blowing raspberries -- what fun it is to make all sorts of new noises!
  • I can hold on to small objects with one hand now.
  • I LOVE to watch people chewing on ice; I get a real kick out it and never seem to tire of the noise.
  • Daddy makes me laugh when he squeezes his bicycle horn.
  • Music and dancing are two of my favorite pastimes; I like all types of musical, especially pop and electronica.
  • How I love to watch the dogs frolic in the house and backyard! When I am fussy, Dutch and Phoebe cheer me up right away. It is so funny to feel their fur and wet noses.
  • My stomach muscles are getting stronger every day, I can now sit up with balance assistance from an adult.
  • Songs of the Month: Wild Rover, America the Beautiful, Mary Had a Little Lamb
  • Toys of the Month: Johnny Jump Up, small plastic toys with lots of texture and colors, musical duck from Aunt Bette