Amsterdam Pictures Are Up & Commented... finally

They're not all that exciting, but if you want to take a look they're up. Also, as with my China 2005 and 2005 galleries, I wasn't writing travel journals at this point, so most of my notes are included in the descriptions on the photos. These days I do the journal thing which is simpler, easier to maintain and more likely to actually be read.

2006 Amsterdam (April) Gallery

Below are some posts from the old site that I consolidated into this article.

Stroopwaffels!! The bomb baby. (4/27)

The handiest thing I found in Amsterdam were these Stroppwaffel thingies. Little pancake/waffle sandwiches filled with rum butter, caramel, and/or whatever. You can get like a pack of ten of them in any store there for something like 1.29 euro. They strike me as the dutch equivalent of the doughnut. Whatever, they rock... very addictive. On the last day, I loaded up with about ten packs of mixed varieties and stuffed them in my suitcase. My favorites are actually the ones that look more like little cookie pancakes, but the waffle ones are good too. Buffy likes the waffle ones better.

Room With A View (4/18)

This was the view from my first room in Amsterdam... about six feet above the pedestrian walkway and a two-story Burger King on Nieuwwendijk. Man, they really like Burger King (and McDonalds) here. Needless to say, I changed rooms the next day (after I hung the breakfast crowd a BA... j/k... maybe).