As the seasons change, so does Bressler.org. OK, maybe not that fast, but there have been several deaths and rebirths since 1997.

Back in 1997, Bressler.org served as storage space for my collection of hundreds of animated GIFs, famous movie/tv quote mp3s, and text jokes. There was also an extremely basic Forum, populated with quite a bit of mostly entertainment related discussion (actors, movies, awards, star wars fan fiction, etc). As a result we eventually held yearly Oscar Contests and a scored Survivor Challenge each season.

Sometime later, the forum was upgraded (the UBB years) and invaded by hordes of CA State Legislative staff. In addition to my personal blogs, we featured some original political & social commentary, and Capitol gossip. The site was mentioned once by Rush Limbaugh on his morning radio show, when he read an editorial originally featured here (authored by Dan Brennan). Another of our frequent contributors went on to be press director for a presidential candidate.

Immediately after 9-11, Bressler.org became one of the first (if not the first) of many Osama bin Laden photoshopping sites. Ours featured the 'Osama bin Laden Wall O' Hate'. The OBLWOH quickly became the top link on FARK for some time (eclipsing anything Britney)... a time when FARK was one of the premier news discussion sites. Our photoshops were often featured at Beyond.com and had even been seen on T-Shirts internationally. That influx of traffic sustained the site for some time. The forums were overwhelmed with political conversation and photoshopping challenges... scaring off the entertainment folks... understandably.


Photoshopping on Bressler.org also received a boost when the site was sued for copyright infringement in small claims court, and won. There were times when we couldn't even handle the traffic. Add to that a purely coincidentally influx of Australians, and the partnership with USS Midway veterans, and things kept shaking for some time... a very busy forum that really had no specific niche.

Roughly 4 years ago, I tinkered with the whole operation again, moving everything to Joomla. The forum was migrated and I started making Bressler.org more of a personal blog than file dump. Likely a result of my tinkering, the Forum died off to near zilch. Most likely though, it was just time... relationships had been deteriorating and some of our best had signed out for good. As a community built primarily on the back of 9-11... we had moved on.

11/11/14: Happy Veterans Day. Coincidentally, Bressler.org... reborn again. It has been exactly two years since my last post on the old Bressler.org Joomla site/Kunena forun. Once again, I have migrated the site to a new CMS. The old Forum is no more. CV41.org (Eagle3) and I discussed it, and we have pulled the plug. In its time, there were over a half million posts to the old Forum.

Old user accounts are kaput. If you want to contact me, but not register, go here... and hopefully it'll all work out. :)