Rick B and I drove out to a local airport in Calaveras County (CA) last week to check out a thousand-acre spread that's on the market... and what better way to check out a thousand acre spread, in hill country, than in a plane. We flew around in this little Cherokee for an hour or so, getting a great view of the area, the local communities, lakes & the nearby mountains.

Rumors on the internets mention 'March Madness' as some annual sporting event conducted with a round orange dimpled ball, carried between opposing goals. I wouldn't know much about that, but around here March Madness refers to the annual combined birthday celebrations of myself (JBMoney), Jennifer (Buffy), Laura (Princess B), and Sean.

Fianna had her first birthday today, and her first birthday party. I suppose you could call it a surprise party, but only because she likely doesn't understand a thing we say yet.

Fianna gets her crawl on. Baby five! *snap* Almost a year old and still doing the army crawl, but she's picking things up fast now.

PC Gamer magazine recently published its 'Top 100 Games of All Time', compiled by having each one of their staff, and other experts, submit their individual ranked Top 15 lists... and so on. In that vein, let me submit my own Top 15. I'm old school, still clinging to RPG and turn based games. I haven't had a chance to try all the new cutting-edge shooters but here we go, in no particular order: