Born yesterday. Charlotte Reagan Gopsdragon (another redhead). That makes 3,4 or 5. I dunno. I can't keep up anymore. Congrats.

I don't watch an exceptional amount of TV, but it seems like every other time I do, I hear a joke or comment deriding the wearing of socks with sandals. If popular media is an indicator, this is clearly the largest fashion blunder since Jesus Christ tried wearing a blood red sash with brown sandals. THE BELT MUST ALWAYS MATCH THE SHOES!!!

All the Amsterdam stuff for your viewing and reading pleasure.

Kind of a weak batch of photos, compared to the '04 China trip. Unfortunately, a lot of the best stuff I did I never took pictures of... they just seemed like real inappropriate places to break out a camera, like some urban commando tourist. For example, walking through a four foot wide hutong alley surround by Chinese and probably being the only white guy to come through there so far this year. Meh... just keep walking...

Sacramento News & Review - "From the Web address, it’s hard to tell that this scrappy little site is a portal for all other sites highlighting the growing coolness of Sacramento. But inside, you’ll find neighborhood blogs, fun Sacramento facts, favorite Sacramento spaces and sites for everything creative Sacramentans have gone cuckoo over: local comedy troupes, French film festivals, the governor, sports teams and sustainable development."