These are some notes from the first day of my latest trip to China. Specifically, these are from Kunming. It seems quite a bit of text for one day, but it has some background info and frivolous stuff.

We went clothes shopping in San Francisco this weekend. What do you think of my new styling jacket? Perfect for the office! (picture taken with PrincessB's cell phone so it's a little fuzzy).

I finally put up what survived from my Ireland 1996 pictures along with my comments that had been recorded in ink on various random stationery. I broke the camera late into this trip, so just to fill in the blanks, for my own sake, I slapped up some stolen photos of places I went but had no pictures for.

My long-time Chinese pen pal Erica (pic in the gallery) is leaving Beijing to work for her brother (short-term) and learn Russian... in Kyrgyzstan (a former Soviet Republic).

Don't get the impression that I'm a slouch but I, in a spur of the moment sort of way, decided to go on a very low calorie diet (1000 a day, ketosis diet, medifast products) two months ago, that would last for either eight weeks or fourty pounds, whatever came first. I thought 40 was unrealistic, but what the hell.