My attempt at making Chinese BBQ Pork Buns... actually... the third batch. Even though they look like props from the movie Alien, they're pretty damn good. We're not talking about the first two batches.

On the 15th, I was off to spend five days in Chengdu, via "Lucky Airlines" (story and tips within). Lots to do in and around Chengdu: Wenshu Monastery, an Irish Pub, the Giant Panda Research Base, Wuhou Temple, Qingyanggong Tao Temple, Du Fu's Thatched Cottage, Songxiau Antique District, the Sichuan Opera, Chunxi road, and Leshan (the big Buddha).

I think Dutch is about to pee himself, but Phoebe is way to mature and sophisticated for this crap.

Kunming is a very nice as big cities go. It's nickname is the "Spring City" because of its temperate weather and vegetation. It’s the capitol of the Yunnan province, and the population is about 4 million, with 1 million of that being in the urban area (spread out quite a bit). It sits at about 6200 feet above sea level and is surrounded on three sides by mountains and on the fourth by the very large Lake Dianchi. It is the Northern end of the famous Burma Road, and as a result was the HQ for the American Flying Tigers in WWII. Kunming's economy is ranked 12th among Chinese cities. Kunming definitely has a something that other big Chinese cities lack.

Isn't it odd how you can talk about something really obscure or infrequent and then, almost immediately after you do so, it happens. Just two days ago, Buffy and I were talking about this flock (rafter) of turkeys that used to show up all the time in our front yard, but which we hadn't seen for at least a year, maybe two.... and then... BAM. I guess they don't like flash cameras though. Perfect timing though... eh?? *gets gun*