Finally off the airplane, and just in time to hang out on Beijing's airport "expressway"... and hang out on it we did, as in jumping out of the taxi and standing around watching all the cabbies catch a smoke. Of course, this'll all be straightened out by the Olympics. ;) Regarding the taxis, in anticipation of the chaos of the Olympics, Beijing has standardized the taxi rates going into the city. No longer do you have to engage in Chinese bargaining, or be ripped off, to travel into the city. Finding our Hostel, the Sleepy Inn, was an adventure as our cab driver bopped all over the Hutongs trying to find it and asking random Chinese residents where it was. By the way, the Chinese will always give you an answer if you ask directions. Never will they say, "I have no idea".

This trip started out as my third solo trip to China (fourth trip total). By six weeks out, I still hadn't decided where I was going, but chances were good it would be either Tibet (far west) or Xinjiang (far northwest). However, right before 'pull the trigger' time, Gopsdragon decided he wanted to tag along. Later, my brother Cody also decided to go. Gopsdragon needed the 'budget trip' to China though, trying to pin me down to $2000, which pretty much eliminated either of my 'far end of China' scenarios. Further, if you're a China virgin you have to see the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, otherwise why bother. But that was the extent of my compromising to cover old ground, anything else had to be new to all of us.

This is late in coming, but Favetti loves to dribble out info, and I hate cell phones... long story. Anyhow... Twins! Born June 12, 2007... Nicole Marie Favetti, born first and weighing in at 6 lbs 11 oz, and Renee Claire Favetti, born second and weighing 6 lbs 4 oz. Congrats.

I'm converting some old VCR tapes to DVD and mpeg. Two of them are from my wedding 10 years ago. OH... MY... GOD... Make it stop!! Family and friends... in suit and tie... with horrible music... doing things they have no business doing... and me about 70 pounds heavier.

I'm always late with these things, but last time I posted one of Robb's personal pics I got in trouble. We'll see how long this lasts. Amanda Elizabeth, Born 1/10/07, 8lbs. 6oz., 18.5 inches.