Here we go again with Cornhusker Football. Big Red is likely in a better position at this point than any comparable year with Bo Pelini as head coach... 8-1 is fine. You'd think they are sitting pretty. But... six years in a row with exactly four losses since Pelini started guiding the team... EXACTLY FOUR LOSSES. Not being a complete college football junky, I don't know if that level of consistency has ever been achieved by a head coach, anywhere. I doubt it. What are the chances that Big Red could end up in that spot for a seventh straight season?

It's been two years (minus one week) since I've posted to my personal blog. Since then I had to finish another big web project that ran about six months overdue and have been busy with a new 10 month-old daughter Julia (and 5 y.o. Fianna). Lately though, I've been migrating the old site to a new CMS and hoping to catch up. The recent Guardians of the Galaxy movie fired up my interest a little too much and I popped out a little summary of the Team's history.

Our SoCal friends were in our part of the state again for a second major Amador Vintner's Assn event - The Big Crush! Celebrating that time of year when the grapes are ready to bring in from the vines and get crushed, stomped or what have you. The Baers and their kids were up, as well as Rick & Gulshen. The Favetti's didn't make it but the Baers created and laminated a 'Flat Tony' to carry along (and pose) with us.

I couldn't stop. Completed four more science fiction classics since the last article. These three were worth extra notice: Man Plus by Frederick Pohl (1976), Gateway by Frederick Pohl (1977) and The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin (1974).

In September 2012, I flew into Nebraska to drive around with Rick and Laurie Bressler. They had already been driving cross country for a couple weeks and during their trip planning I had noted that there was a Cornhuskers home game the week they would be in Nebraska. In addition to the game, we visited some old 'bressler sites' and relatives throughout Eastern Nebraska and South Dakota.