Random Acts

On Monday, June 14th, I appeared before the Small Claims Court of Los Angeles County to defend myself, and Bressler.org, in a lawsuit charging theft of intellectual property. The charge stemmed from our 2003 CA Recall Photoshop Thread and the publication on this website of Peckable’s “Dave Gravis” parody. I learned on Saturday that the case has been dismissed, with prejudice. We won! Freedom of speech is alive and well in the People’s Republic of California.

You know what a courtesy laugh is? When someone doesn't really want to be bothered by you, or isn't really listening to what you have to say and they nod and occassionally chuckle OR when someone tells a joke and people give off this phony laugh because they think it's a social requirement. The courtesy laugh is almost always obvious in humans, but it finally dawned on me today that my little dog Phoebe has one too.