The Kids

October was a most magical month! Daddy took four weeks off from work and spend a lot of time bonding with me. We went to Lake Tahoe and Santa Cruz, received a wonderful visit from Grandma Diane, and had a great time on Halloween.

I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather. One of my favorite things to do in the afternoon is hang out in the backyard and watch the dogs. It's much nicer to do this when it's not 100+ degrees outside. The end of September marked the seventh month since my birthday and I continue to make progress on this journey called life.

Hello All! It's hard to believe I am already six months old. I truly had a great month as I made progress on my solid foods, continued to sleep well, and am all the more playful and interactive. August Highlights: Aunt Heather's Wedding - My First Cold - Food

Time keeps going faster and faster; it seems like yesterday when I last wrote to you. July was a hot one in Sacramento. I had a lot of fun working on my muscular strength with baby exercises but also took time to enjoy my backyard and even went for a few dips in the pool. July Highlights: 4th of July - Swimming

Life is getting better and better! I am now more alert and aware of my surroundings and enjoy spending time with my loved ones. I especially like when people read to me, sing to me, and make funny faces. Most of all, I love getting hugs and kisses from my family and friends. June highlights: Amador Wine Country - My Second Trip to Southern California - Father's Day.