F.O.B. - Friends of Bressler

I'm converting some old VCR tapes to DVD and mpeg. Two of them are from my wedding 10 years ago. OH... MY... GOD... Make it stop!! Family and friends... in suit and tie... with horrible music... doing things they have no business doing... and me about 70 pounds heavier.

I'm always late with these things, but last time I posted one of Robb's personal pics I got in trouble. We'll see how long this lasts. Amanda Elizabeth, Born 1/10/07, 8lbs. 6oz., 18.5 inches.

We went clothes shopping in San Francisco this weekend. What do you think of my new styling jacket? Perfect for the office! (picture taken with PrincessB's cell phone so it's a little fuzzy).

My long-time Chinese pen pal Erica (pic in the gallery) is leaving Beijing to work for her brother (short-term) and learn Russian... in Kyrgyzstan (a former Soviet Republic).

Born yesterday. Charlotte Reagan Gopsdragon (another redhead). That makes 3,4 or 5. I dunno. I can't keep up anymore. Congrats.