F.O.B. - Friends of Bressler

Fourteen years ago today we picked up a scared little terrier from the Sacramento SPCA. She was about seven months old. I remember suffering the horrified glares of a little girl and her family as I stole Phoebe out of the cage, while they debated getting her themselves. Another 5 minutes and we would have never seen her.

A big group of us made it to the 2010 Scottish Games in Woodland. The Carmichael Bresslers (JB, Jennifer & Fianna) and the Wilson Gang go every year, but this year we also met up with the Sacramento Bresslers and The Favettis who were visiting from new Jersey (Tony, Lauren & the Twins).

Rumors on the internets mention 'March Madness' as some annual sporting event conducted with a round orange dimpled ball, carried between opposing goals. I wouldn't know much about that, but around here March Madness refers to the annual combined birthday celebrations of myself (JBMoney), Jennifer (Buffy), Laura (Princess B), and Sean.

Had a great weekend with the old college gang, and Bill Hoge (who I hadn't hung with in a few years), in SD this weekend... abusing Chris's lager tap in his Club House, playing cards and drinking Scotch until the wee hours, tailgating the rest of the morning and then watching the Chargers beat the Dolphins. Perfect! ..

This is late in coming, but Favetti loves to dribble out info, and I hate cell phones... long story. Anyhow... Twins! Born June 12, 2007... Nicole Marie Favetti, born first and weighing in at 6 lbs 11 oz, and Renee Claire Favetti, born second and weighing 6 lbs 4 oz. Congrats.