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Written on 11-11-2012 by JBMoney
amador-wineries-big-crush-oct-6-7-2012 Our SoCal friends were in our part of the state again for a second major Amador Vintner's Assn event - The Big Crush! Celebrating that time of year when the grapes are ready to bring in from the vines and get crushed, stomped or what have you. The Baers... Read More
Written on 10-17-2012 by JBMoney
a-year-of-classic-science-fiction-books-2 I couldn't stop. Completed four more science fiction classics since the last article. These three were worth extra notice: Man Plus (1976): By Frederik Pohl, whose writing style I greatly enjoy and may seek out some of his other works (see below).... Read More
Written on 08-28-2012 by JBMoney
a-year-of-classic-science-fiction Roughly a year ago, I obtained a 30-book series called "Masterworks of Science Fiction". Not a series in that each book continued the same story, but a series of what some consider the best Science Fiction novels since 1950. Many of these classic books... Read More
Written on 08-22-2012 by JBMoney
all-things-disney-more-august-2012 Our Summer vacation for 2012 was a Disney Dream Caribbean Cruise along with a few days spent at various sites in Florida. We started off in the Orlando area, home of multiple Disney Theme Parks as well as other attractions. We visited a few sites there... Read More
Written on 07-31-2012 by JBMoney
goodbye-grandma-brown On July 4th of last year my Grandmother Brown passed away at 88 years old. About six years before that she became suddenly ill, eventually suffering reduced use of her lungs and other issues requiring her to take prednisone on a daily basis, carry around... Read More
Written on 06-04-2012 by JBMoney
woodland-highland-games-2012 The Sacramento Valley Scottish Games & Festival are one of our biggest 'family' events of the year. Jennifer and I have been going every year for probably over a decade. Fianna has been to each one since she was born. Over the last half-dozen years... Read More
Written on 05-20-2012 by JBMoney
the-wisdom-of-old-guys Some years ago I subscribed to Esquire out of curiosity and, in way, desperation. A couple of favorite magazines had fallen victim to the Internet, and closed up shop, leaving me  little in the way of bathroom reading. At $10 a year I figured why... Read More
Written on 04-25-2012 by JBMoney
dog-years-not-what-they-used-to-be A few months ago, I was taking Phoebe on her walk.  These days, this isn't much of a walk at all but she enjoys it. She's coming up on 15.5 years old and getting a quarter mile out of her can be a challenge, often requiring a stop about two-thirds... Read More
Written on 04-03-2012 by JBMoney
fianna-2011-2012-photos I did a little reorganizing of Fianna's gallery the other weekend, after noticing that I had not added any new photos for quite some time. Now she has two galleries, one for 2009-2010 and one for 2011-2012. Maybe they should be called the 'Baby Days' and... Read More
Written on 03-16-2012 by JBMoney
behind-the-cellar-door If you're from the Sacramento area, and like wine, you've probably heard of Amador County Wineries. If not, it will probably come as a surprise to you that Amador County (East of Sacramento County) has a Vintner's Association with 36 member wineries.... Read More
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